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A website that is all about helping people with those embarrassing problems

ShytoBuy has been providing customers with solutions to embarrassing problems since 2003, resulting in over 3 million successfully shipped orders. ShytoBuy stocks some of the industries leading brands including VigRX, Durex, Vimax and ProSolution. 

Many a time people suffer from conditions that can completely debilitate them, yet they are too shy to ask for help. Problems like infertility, erectile dysfunction, baldness, skin whitening, are just an example of such issues that people face on a near daily basis.

A statistical study done in 2008 showed that over 60% of men over the age of 40 suffered from various sexual ailments, but were too shy to ask for any help. Upon further investigation, it was found that problems like erectile dysfunction , balding have a deep psychological rooting, and thus people do not like to discuss that part of their being.

Another study showed that hair loss was a major source of distress for over 70% of studied women. Due to natural ageing process and other internal factors, women were found to be prone to hair loss and early greying.

Since society gives much importance to the way a woman looks, these women who took part in the study reported that they experienced issues related to low self esteem, poor self worth,  low vitality.

However, today there exist various means of buying products online that one would conventionally be embarrassed to purchase in public. Products like male enhancers, sexual energisers can now all be bought through various ‘discrete online shopping portals’.

They offer packaging which does not identify the contents of the product in any way. They also can deliver the desired products in time slots that are convenient and to the users liking.